Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

To the lake, the ancient lake

je2i and thwomp are letting me use their lake house this weekend, at perhaps an opportune moment to do so.

I ended the night with a 90 minute drive, just me and my radio - amusingly the DJ on 105.9 was talking about Budapest, and then said that that was how things worked in Romania (he was talking about a rule instituted by a mayor along the lines of "you must have nice legs to wear a miniskirt"). Romania, huh? Anyway, I went out of range of the station just after, so I have no idea if anyone called and told him about geography.

Today I got up, biked all the way around Conneaut Lake (on public highways, and it turned out to not be too bad. I really should get a helmet though) and then took a dip in the lake before it started to rain.

Went out for ingredients to make food, and found an Aldi... which I will never go in one of again. Giant Eagle was a couple more miles, so I blew $80 on stuff for 3 dishes and 2 desserts (the desserts will inevitably show up in Oakland Monday), snapped off a few pictures at the NS/WNY&P Meadville yard, and headed back to start food prep. I found kh3n's CD which came to me from Paris a few months back, finally, so it's on now. Time to go cook, bake, and probably scan if the weather stays poor, or bike or swim if not.

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