Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Both my feet are back on the ground

After some cooking and baking, Saturday ended with a trip in the ever-more-annoying rain to Jamestown, NY, where it stopped raining long enough and I guessed well enough to get some shots of the Western New York & Pennsylvania's 3 Alco locomotives bedded down at their facility on the east side of town. Sadly, despite being before sundown the overcastness left it near-dark. Happily, with a tripod the shots are still decent. I scanned a few railroad documents and then slept.

Sunday was, approximately:
- Bike to Linesville Beach on Pymatuning Reservoir along route 6, and return (20+ miles, I think). Still no helmet. Slight sunburn.
- Swim.
- Visit Meadville. Sit outside public library and do small amount of work I said I'd do. Walk around. Take pictures.
- More cooking/baking.
- Swim.
- Eat.
- Clean.
- Go south.

The small ones were happy to see me. Well, at least Freya was. And I have a huge pile of desserts to take to Oakland. I'm sure not eating 2 cheesecakes, a pear upside-down cake, and a pile of brownies myself.

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