Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Remember that bit where I hate all of you?

There are so many reasons why. I'll share one. All you people who are uptight about things which are "different" from your ideals tainting the minds of children all suck.

Maybe, maybe, you can get me to buy into the "too thin" body image thing. Maybe. But you stand the danger of being first on the chopping block when I take over the world if you push it. Toys don't hurt people. People hurt people. Want to stop pain, suffering, ignorance, injury, all that other fun stuff? Start recalling the people, the toys are harmless.

And actually, while I'm on my soap box, no, in fact the "too thin" is not necessarily just negative body image either. When you're dealing with something that small, the fashions look better on a body with exaggerated features (skinnier waist, larger bust and hips). Think I'm wrong? Good for you. It's a free country. I still hate you.

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