Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down, other times I wanna blow this town.

It's 6am. I shouldn't be up yet, but I couldn't sleep. I'm only semifunctional now, so I guess I shouldn't just run away now, though I'm not sure where I want to end up.

Anyway, with the impending OpenAFS stable release, I'm thinking of a party, one where discussing OpenAFS will be verboten. So the question is, at my house, in Northern Virginia (e.g. get Sine Nomine to host it) or have it somewhere else? I suppose given I'm thinking weekday, that the rules are different. Weekends are time for other fun.

Or we could just have a distributed party: I'm thinking of batching through 8 or so cheesecakes (I'll need a couple more CorningWare square pans to use for water baths) and getting dry ice and mailing them out all over the country; It'd cost too much to make them all arrive in unison, though, I bet.

On a similar note, I found my PRR cookbook (the food they served in the dining cars). Guess I have some new things to try. I really should have started cooking seriously when I was a student, but the ghetto Giant Eagle on Center ended up being all I had available to shop at for a while, and that really didn't help. Oh well. The mistakes you make in life...

And now, let's try sleep again.

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