Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Yeah, I should clean up my act; But first I clean up my head

In the vein of making moving easier, and perhaps just living in an apartment for a while, I should probably shed some of my larger stuff.

-Electric car. I think I'd like to keep it. Too bad keeping it in PA is such a pain.
-Mr. Do machine. Portable enough, I will almost certainly keep it.
-Interlocking machine. The question is keep or donate, I will probably need to store it. I wonder if my brother will rent me space.
-Soda fountain. Here's the tough one. It will be annoying to move. I'd sort of like it, but the other side is making it work would probably put back some of the 60 pounds I just got rid of.
-Projector. Probably I will sell it and drop back to a small TV.

And then there's furniture. Well, I want to keep the curved glass china cabinet from my grandmother's house. The rest of it, uh, hm. I dunno.

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