Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

How many miles to Babylon

Knocked off about 27 miles round trip on the Butler-Freeport Community Trail and paid a visit to Beaver County between work and more work today. I started at the Freeport end of the trail (again) and went until the grade changed from uphill from Freeport to downhill toward Butler, near some high voltage power lines at a place the USGS calls Great Belt. Just about exactly 2 hours, which means I made excellent time. I can't imagine I'm in such good shape that I improved my average that much, so it must have been the downgrade on the return trip speeding things up. Well, maybe.

I have a chocolate mousse to deliver to my former advisor, and a cheesecake to deliver to a coworker. I am the king of dessert, which is sort of scary when you consider the actual amount of dessert I've had in the last 4-5 months is probably less than any one dessert I've made recently.

Oh, and I am fatal to gadgets. My new Roomba is sick, and my dishwasher seems dead. I'm almost scared to use the Treo or the laptop, but, work must go on, and I must roam. But now, I must sleep.

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