Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

World turns and we get dizzy

The day in review:
-Went to bed around 3, after watching a movie, making a cheesecake and finishing some work.
-Slept until about 10, no earplugs, but music playing in the living room downstairs, so some background noise... I guess I am close to being weaned of the earplugs.
-Collected desserts, gadgets, clothes and left.
-Deposited 2 eBay outgoing packages in the mail.
-Picked up dry ice to chill cheesecake for the trip to Bellefonte and to keep the chocolate mousse cold while I got lunch. It's sublimating in my car now. How wasteful.
-Picked up i-mate Jasjar from ex-ex-boss Walter. So now I have a PocketPC and a Treo.
-Got lunch at Orient Express.
-Delivered mousse to my former advisor, and then chatted for about 40 minutes about life, the universe and everything. AFS works really well for her, an unsolicited endorsement if there ever was one. She also recalled a project of mine, the Squirrel Hill Interchange redesign. I should do a mockup of it some year.
-Left Pittsburgh and headed east.
-Biked the Ghost Town Trail from Dilltown to Vintondale and back, 13 miles.
-Continued on to Bellefonte.
-Dinner at Golden Wok, State College.
-Now, work, and purloined beer.

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