Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Listen to the sound of my voice; You can check it all out, it's the weapon of choice

Several conversations in person, as well as brokengoose's recent entry prompts me to say again what I really want from a pocket/palm/pda style device:

-Voice recognition, ala Newton, except that actually works
-Easy to develop for, ala current PalmOS
-Truly multitasking, ala Windows Mobile
-Cross-platform sync ability, ala current PalmOS
-Cell phone, 802.11, bluetooth.
-And thus a web browser, ssh client, and maybe a good mail client
-Reasonable media player, so I can use it in lieu of an iPod (and preferably a good enough interface that I'd be happy to do so). Bonus points for streaming.

I'm doomed.

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