Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Like a mirage riding on the desert sand

Recasting the plan more:

-Go to the NIN/Queens of the Stone Age show, shortly now...
-See if I can get the transmission serviced Monday during the day if I'm awake and around; Have lunch in Oakland.
-Figure out somewhere to stay and go to Elmira/Corning area on Monday night.
-Visit Corning Museum of Glass for a hands-on Tuesday early afternoon.
-Continue to Boston for dinner.
-Likely stay with folks at Cook House and meet Stella.
-Head south about 11:30 Wednesday.
-Get to Harrisburg area around 18:30 for a layout work session.
-Reserve the bedroom in my employer's office and stay Wednesday overnight->Thursday in Ashburn.
-Drop off the SGI, work in Ashburn for the day.
-Dinner with Ros and Alison if they have time.
-Perhaps Friday in Northwestern PA, or perhaps straight through Thursday night. Unsure.

In any case I should knock off another 1500 or more miles this week. I'm depreciating this car nicely. My accountant would be happy, if I had one.

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