Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Crack your head on that pavement now

How today went:

See the end of the NIN show in Cleveland (I ended up on the floor. Long story. Good show. Crappy light show, and an encore would have been nice. Life is hard).
Go home. Sleep.
Bike (Ghost Town Trail, Dilltown to Rexis Branch, turned around at White Bridge, 10 miles each way).
Drive (Allegheny Mountain was foggy. Everything east of it was overcast, badly).
Attempt to find food with music in State College. Lose. Go to the Rathskeller and get a beer and some dinner, and head on. I did find music but I wanted to get to Corning before like 3am, so I punted, as the show only started at 9:30.
Stop in Lock Haven, reorient (it's been years) and get pictures.
End in Corning.

Hi. Tomorrow, (well, today, now) I'll end in Boston.

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