Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

So I can see the light that's right before my eyes

After a particularly long day recovering from showing up with people not prepared for us, and fixing a couple problems found yesterday, I got my work underway, and went out in the then-new dryness to see what there was to see.

As the last time, Sharon Yard is right outside the place I'm working, and I got a couple shots earlier in the day, but it was night, and surely a more impressive vantage was to be had. Indeed, I took the opportunity to head south over the free-flowing interstate in the darkness south into the city of Cincinnati. When I got there, I got off the highway a bit further north than I would have otherwise, and tracked a surface road further south. It was empty and I didn't get a single light. It also paralleled one of the rail lines north of Queensgate Yard, but sadly I wasn't able to jump out of the car fast enough for the one train I saw there.

I stopped in the driveway at the Museum Center (Cincinnati Union Terminal) and got some night shots of the droolworthy Art Deco masterpiece. Crossed back and forth to Kentucky a couple times; On the second trip south a train appeared when I was midspan Clay Wade Bailey Bridge on the adjacent CSX ex-C&O bridge. Damn.

I got some shots as it went north, then found an alley by a signal bridge along the northern part of Queensgate and got some more pictures. I considered some other photo locations, and I would have liked to get some night shots of the Western Hills Viaduct from somewhere, but it wasn't to be.

Later than I should have, I headed back north to get some sleep. A quiet, uncrowded drive with just me, my camera, and the radio to hum or sing along with was just the ticket. The only way the evening could have been any better would have been having dinner somewhere with music. I went back via Sharonville, but nothing was moving by Sharon Yard, and soon I was back in my room; The upgrade progressed, and I went to bed.

Today there's sun out. Who knows... I may get some decent shots this evening before I head off to visit someone's model railroad.

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