Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

From the "I got in the car and look where I ended up" department...

On Thursday I decided before moving meredith to take a ride. I ended up in Beaver County, and since there was daylight, I took some pictures of the resignalling going on at East Conway, both of the soon-to-expire position light signals, and their replacements.

This is one of those cases where you worry about your rights being trampled upon: there are lots of horror stories about overzealous police confiscating cameras and such when you're taking pictures from public property. I never experienced it, and still haven't, so I can't address the truth of it. Still, when you're trudging up the edge of a very busy highway with no sidewalk and in one case not even a shoulder on the side you're on, you worry about such things as "do I stick out like a sore thumb" and also "will I get hit". Obviously, I did not get hit, and I had no police troubles.

Men's dress shoes are probably not the best for trudging along the edge of a highway in an inch or 2 of snow, but I'm too vain for the athletic shoe look. ;-)

(Of course, I went outside in said shoes earlier and promptly fell on my ass because there was a small bit of ice on my front steps, so what does that tell you?)

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