Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I'd never heard of the Capitol Steps before last week, but this week I find:
(from 12/25/2002 entry in
The Capitol Steps were on CNBC on Christmas eve. This parody was priceless:

“And now a holiday message from your friends at the American Civil Liberties Union” [sung to the tune of “Away in a Manger”]

Away with the manger. Please hide it from view. Remove the Menorah and Kwanza stuff too. A suit has been filed by the ACLU. And if you display these, you bet we will sue.

If you were P.C. then we might be OK. Could Mary be played by an Asian who's gay? Why couldn’t the Three Kings be three Swiss drag queens? We think that this Joseph should be Josephine.

And for Baby Jesus, we think you should try a differently-abled small person who's bi. We’ve one more request, though you might think it’s strange. The cattle and sheep simply must be free range.

We’re not anti-Virgin, but this suit you’ll lose. We’ll file to defend Mary’s right to choose. And one day your children will have the Lord’s care. Cause once you’re in Heaven, no lawyers live there.
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