Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

It’s just time to pay the price for not listening to advice

Today I took off only the 3rd day since I started this job. For my day off? Well, actually, I suppose the day started when the last one ended, and I left je2i and thwomp's house after some b.s. and tv, and headed home to play with the small ones and sleep. I figured out when I needed to leave given my plan for today, and set an alarm for 8:20.

I got on the road by 8:45, forgetting only my MetroCard (recoverable) and headed east. Twice I lost: once the Turnpike was at full stop, outside Kittatinny Mountain tunnel (pictures will appear in my photojournal) for no apparent reason, and then again on I-81 by Ft. Indiantown Gap... where I simply got off and followed the old road, US22, for a while, at the same 70mph I'd been going on the new one. Sadly this put me on I-78 instead of back on 81, but I quickly reoriented and recomputed, and arrived at my intermediate destination around 1: Pottsville.

At 1:30, I went on the Yuengling Brewery tour. Neat. They were running the bottling line. If I want to see brewing, I need to hit the morning tour. Likewise, they only either bottle or can every afternoon, today was bottling, so canning will mean another trip. At the end of the tour you get a couple samples. I had the Yuengling Premium (which is a pilsener) and the Black & Tan... I have this sinking feeling that the Yuengling Black & Tan isn't available much around home, and I will be sad, because, damn...

Anyway, there are a few cases of a few varieties in my trunk now... a few blocks away, in Manhattan. I left the brewery and drove up 81 and over 80 right into the city and across the G.W. Bridge, during rush hour. Sigh.

Anyway, I went to volleyball with Jeff and then wandered down to Madison Square Garden for The Bravery (another group I wanted to see, but forgot to list the other day) and Depeche Mode. Being far from the stage wasn't as big a deal as I'd have expected: there was no pit anyway. Both bands put on excellent shows. My enjoyment was unconditional. I enjoyed the silence, made a policy of truth and found my own personal jesus, and so everything else was just gravy.

Anyway, after sleep I'll go west and catch up on work. I suppose I should decide if I want to see Living Things in Asbury Park next week or not.

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