Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I'm slippin' away In every way

So it turns out being a sysadmin kind of sucks. I knew that. I have a small number of machines at home I use for general service as well as for development. I have one which I recently dropped a new Linux kernel on. I hate Linux anymore, and I have not been let down. Either the kernel destablized the (aging) machine or something on it is on its last legs.

I bet it won't simply powercycle either, meaning setting up X10 gear I already have won't help: I need to have console access, and conveniently I'm going to end up traveling (in a snow/freezing rain storm to a city which will likely be having a transit strike when I get there) ensuring I will not have it.

On the plus side I'm sure like the day after east coast power outage day (when I also needed to be in NYC) that this will turn into one of those great stories in a while, just not while I'm living it.

[Edit: so I get to stay home, but in the meantime, apparently burned out or something. When it rains, it pours.]

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