Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Cleaning up is the very worst part Cuz there's no way to know where to start

I've been slowly listing stuff on ebay, but it's slow going, and very annoying to deal with shipping. So I'm looking at what can be consigned, sold locally, whatever, to make my life easier.

I have a pile of CDs which should go somewhere, boxed up nicely. Who pays decently for CDs around here? I assume there's no point in mailing them.
I have a pile of transportation paper (bus schedules, mostly, from a high school project circa 1990) which I'm scouting for a dealer to sell to.
Model railroad stuff is mostly mine to sell, I think, but I have a few things which will get consigned. I gave a pile of official state transportation maps to merichar and probably I should decide the relatively complete set of Pennsylvania maps going back to about 1966 will never see any use if I keep them and give them to her also. I have a pile of Gulf Oil maps going back to about 1950, but those I'm thinking I'll keep to have the artwork around.

What else can go? I'm not sure. Where should it go? Well, I should find those ebay consignment shops I found a couple months ago and pay a visit. Sigh. I really don't feel like dealing with this.

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