Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

In between a huge pile of work (sigh) I have done perhaps more shopping than ever before, both online and in person. The problem with this: except a few items which have been shipped directly to people I'm not likely to see before Christmas, I now have a large and growing-with-each-pass-by-FedEx-UPS-and-USPS mountain of stuff to wrap, and while I can do a respectable job of wrapping, I am sort of embarassed at being a slob.

Other things this week:

  • Baked a pile of cookies with thwomp. Ate too many of them.

  • Made a chocolate mousse and then took it to see Serenity with merichar, mizmoose, jgrafton and a bunch of lj-less (or unknown journals to me) people

  • Snow tires, at long last, should be here today. That's good, because the tires that came on the car are embarassing.

  • And I acquired the last radio I need to set up a mobile ATCS setup for those occasions when I get to trainwatch.

The week is half over. I bet I don't get nearly as much done this week, all told, as I'd really like. Well, I can squeeze in some stuff over vacation, I guess.

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