Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Get out the map and lay your finger anywhere down

Trip planning. In the next week, I may swing a day trip to Cleveland. Unsure. I should find out if ma3d will be available. The 2nd week of January, I have the Ashburn trip for work. Sadly, Ashburn is basically like bland suburbia, there's not much around. Hopefully I can escape and see people in the evenings. Then, there's this other trip I want to do, but I don't know when, maybe not until February, and really it would probably suck in snow:
Day 1: Go to Detroit(ish). See Rouge. End the day in Ann Arbor. Day 2: Go to Chicago. Visit MSI. I'd like to see IRM's Electroliner, but they are closed until April. Bah. Day 3: Probably more Chicago, end the day driving to St. Louis. Day 4: Museum of Transportation. Whatever else suits my fancy. Possibly start home, ending in Indy or Cincy. Day 5: See something wherever I end up. Go home. Oh, and then at some point there will be the Pennsylvania brewery tour, but that needs groundwork.

And then, the unrelated realizations:
-Naked baking is presumably dangerous in the same way as drunken baking, but for different reasons. Any way you get burned, though, getting burned would suck. Oddly, this realization came to me while I was driving, and I have tried neither, though given my intent to make buckeyes today, and that bottle of Bailey's in the kitchen....
-When I got home last night there was a massive pile of Amazon boxes on the porch, and one thing which arrived for me. I have to congratulate him for his timing, it was just funny. Sadly a few items haven't arrived, and a few things which were summoned directly to other people aren't going to get where they're going until next week.
-At some point while I wasn't paying attention, I became a hipster. Uh. Oops?

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