Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Engorge the big ventricle of heartbroken America

My bathroom is basically painted now, I just need to finish the woodwork, which means a trip out to replace my small paintbrush. Once the woodwork is painted (and baseboard placed) the bathroom can be washed/cleaned up and will be done. For the moment, the woodwork is getting a coat of ceiling white. It was off-white before. The ceiling white contrasts the blue walls nicely.

The small room at the base of the stairs to the 3rd floor needs only minor plasterwork, and then can be painted. I'm not messing with it just now, because it's currently storing many things. The kitchen walls have been touched up plaster-wise, but I still need to sand out the plastering I did to the ceiling, and the kitchen walls can't be finished until the sink is gone.
I may be able to do it without much plumbing, since it looks like a brief shutoff of the house's water will allow me to fit valves easily. Then, nothing will need to be done until the new sink goes in. But really, at this point the kitchen is probably most of the remaining work that I can do, unless I do something to the back porch.

In the meantime, I spent most of today fighting with keyrings in the Linux kernel, excepting some other work and a brief respite for dinner and making banana bread and frozen yogurt in thwomp and je2i's kitchen. I'll be spending a good bit of next week in Ashburn for work, so I want to get caught up before then. We'll see how that goes. For now, hot chocolate spiked with Bailey's as I compile a kernel just one more time, possibly a Daily Show, and then to sleep to the sounds of CD101's top 2006 countdown.

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