Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Unequivocally showing my age I'm practically center stage

After another day of grinding on the Linux kernel (and then MacOS for a while) I decided it was time to go ice skating again, which mandated another trip to Neville Island. Geez, people, it's like no one in this town thinks ramdom people might want to skate in the evenings.

Anyway, after about the 3rd crappy pop song (what was New Edition's self referential hit? I forget) I was very, very sad that the Jasjar had no T-Mobile coverage, as I rather badly wanted to put on CD101's countdown while I continued to skate. Public skate was 7-8:30. I stayed until 8:20 (got there at 6:55) which was 5 minutes after my only spill... we switched from counterclockwise to clockwise at 8:05, and I'm not as strong that way, not surprisingly. I need to work on my skating, really, but I broke a sweat, so at least it was somewhat of a workout, something I've been missing since the weather got so crappy as to render biking displeasing. Aside from the suicidal figure skaters and the they-had-to-be-like-10-years-old-and-thought-the-obscenely-short-skating-skirts-were-a-good-idea-i-mean-wtf girls, it was all good, so I think I'll leave the skates in the back of the car and try to keep doing this for a while.

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