Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I guess I lied to you when I told you I like baseball

Little tidbits of life:
  • Met allthingsnoisy for sushi at Chaya tonight; Amusingly she found me outside in the car (I was a few minutes early, so I was using my laptop before I went in. "What gave me away?" I guess not many people sit in a red convertible with music playing and a laptop open on Murray Avenue.)

  • Rolladin Bakery's chocolate mousse cake is excellent. Cyert Hall people might get some tomorrow, maybe. And I should add Rolladin to pallmalls's Stuff Near CMU wiki.

  • On Monday I was a bit early for an appointment in O'Hara and so I visited the Pittsburgh Mills Mall off route 28. Eh. They went with a neighborhood theme, I guess trying to evoke thoughts of actual neighborhoods where people used to shop. When I got to neighborhood 3 (yes, they're numbered) I kept waiting for the power to go out. It didn't.

  • I am a raging tool. I have an LCD panel sitting beside me in bed, hooked to my laptop, so I can watch an episode of SG-1 on DVD while I finish OpenAFS1.4.1-rc5 tonight. The TiVo in my bedroom, sadly, is still asploded.

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