Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Rage to share with a wardrobe mirror

Today was a collage of work and interaction, quite refreshing, all told. I started the day (ended yesterday, really) foisting another release candidate of OpenAFS on the world.

In the morning I got up and started again tracking an apparent memory leak in our Solaris 10 client, which has turned into slow going. At lunch, I wandered off with jalexlang and one of his coworkers to P&G Diner in Millvale for banana walnut hotcakes and a brief hobby shop stop. (I now have some more cabooses, or to be strictly correct, "cabin cars")

After an afternoon of more work, I wandered downtown in the snow to see Quantum Theater's The Human Chair, which was short but not terribly so, and oh so creepy. The woman who played Elise actually did a very good job of playing this creeped out feeling, all the while conveying her seemingly hollow life to us. Quantum's next show, the Voluptuous Tango, is apparently going to be held in Mellon Institute at CMU... I'll have to be sure to see it. (One of their previous shows was in the disused Heppenstall Steel plant in Lawrenceville.)

After a stop for dinner (this time apple cinnamon pancakes) at Tom's Diner I returned home to let the small animals run around for a bit, and hopefully put this memory problem to rest. If only I do half as well tomorrow it will still be a great day.

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