Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

Take a chance a brand new dance

The Steelers won. Or, as PennDOT's digital signs say, "Welcome to Pittsburgh." "Home of the Super Bowl Champion Steelers."

Despite there still being plenty of people out, some causing trouble, when I crossed the city to come home, the Parkway was almost empty, and the roads were fine. The Oakland exits were closed, and I could see downtown was still cordoned off. Likewise the 10th St and Birmingham Bridges were obviously still closed. I might have stopped in Oakland, but it's cold, and getting there would have been a project. Eh. Oh well.

So I should do a little work before I sleep. No music to work to, sadly, as yet again CD101's stream is doing its $2 whore impression.

Incidentally, this? Total load of crap. Not the men. That part I believe. That woman? No way.

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