Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I’ll have to go To Las Vegas or Monaco And win a fortune in a game

I had a realization a few days ago. I should find a model railroad club to join. Some discussion with jalexlang drove it home. I'm in no danger of having my own model railroad, and indeed I'm actively selling off my stuff, at this point probably just to throw at my tax bill.

In that vein, and because this made me think about it, maybe I should give up on the electric car and sell it. It needs replacement batteries. The ones I got would require time and effort to modify the battery racks, and I don't have the money now unless I sell those to buy ones which will fit... and I'm having no luck selling those. I'd love to be able to use it, and I think it would be environmentally smart, but maybe it would be smarter to just shed all of my possessions, really, and move somewhere and when I am financially better off, try again. I could try to make environmental amends with carbon credits in the meantime.

Further in that vein: Anyone want to buy a soda fountain, cheap?

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