Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

My long hair it blows, in the industrial breeze.

This weekend was "that time of the month", namely, when I make the journey to Manhattan to sit at a desk for the day and work. Despite some unpleasantness on the trip up culminating in a crawl into the Lincoln Tunnel inbound at evening rush to drop off libkeiser at his hotel, this trip was easily so far the one I made the most of going to and being in the city instead of just a quick shot in and out.

On the way, Fred Schneider met us at the Walnut St Grille, where I determined their beer sampler is not optimized for one person, especially if that person is driving. Should have gotten a growler of strawberry wheat. Oh well. On the way back, I had dinner at Bethlehem BrewWorks, and of course it's hard to go wrong with dinner in an industrial-themed local brewpub. There, I did get a growler, of their framboise.

But the thing of note here is this trip afforded my first opportunity to stop in Bethlehem for a look at the site of the main Bethlehem Steel site (well, former site). And despite steel's fall in the Lehigh Valley, there are, as in Pittsburgh, some remnants still soldiering on, and some ripe for preservation. Would that BethWorks had already happened and the picture you see included some interpretation (well, I know what I was looking at, but that doesn't mean everyone would) and could have been taken from a bit closer, instead of outside that fence. More exploration and research is in order, but in the meantime, I will be seeing Sloss next weekend.

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