Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

I’ve got a fast connection so I don’t have to wait

590 miles further along than this morning, I am in Birmingham, and in the morning I will go explore Sloss Furnaces.

I could sit here and grump about the shortcomings of where I live, but you've all no doubt heard those gripes before. Instead, let's consider the marvels of the internet.

Yesterday, I saw The Black Keys in the CD101 big room, using Lounge Points from "tips" you enter in their web site (and let's omit entirely for the moment how I'm even listening to CD101), then after grabbing a bite, saw them again at the Newport Music Hall with a ticket I bought online in a random parking lot the day before and emailed to someone to get a copy printed.

Today, I was the CD101 guest DJ, an opportunity I won by bidding on it during the Andyman-a-thon in December, and then promptly headed south. I've never been to Birmingham before, but thanks to Google, I found a list of venues with live music and noticed one looked interesting... and so in fact I ended up at Cave 9 for the second half of the night's sets.

Then, having had basically nothing since breakfast, I looked for late food, and found the usual list of local food winners, and then confirmation, and ended up having a decent greek diner meal at the Purple Onion Deli & Grill.

Truly, this is a weekend brought to you by the power of the net, in particular, ubiquitous cellular internet. But why is it I can find a place like Cave 9 in a city I've never been to before almost without trying, and haven't found anything similar at home?

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