Shadow (dariaphoebe) wrote,

My mind was a blur; I did not know what to do

I touched down at CVG again at 4:15 or so, not bad considering the delay when the plane being turned around at BOS to take me to DTW didn't show up until my departure time (and hey, I'm glad it didn't just leave). All went well, and in fact on the 2nd leg, I sat next to a pilot who was flying standby back home; I found out as we disembarked that his name was Cornelius, that I had been talking to him since before takeoff. He had noticed Sloss Furnaces and the Rise of the Birmingham District open on my lap, and wondered if that was my business. Nope. Turns out, though, that among his early jobs in the Netherlands was a stint as an intern at the steel mill in the town he was from, and an animated conversation ensued.

As enjoyable as the last several days have been I should have been quite happy, but found myself getting a bit grumpy as the evening started... and then I realized, all I'd had to eat so far today? A banana, and a muffin. Now that I have given my blood sugar a much needed boost, I think it's time to go find a show, because really, there's not much better than live music. I have more on my mind, but, there's always later.

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